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Micro Dynamics Machining has a solid reputation for producing high quality parts and products.  Our reputation for excellence has made us the premier machine shop in the area.  We specialize in custom design work for research/development and precision machining.  Using CAD/CAM software as well as the newest CNC machine industry techniques we can offer you quick and cost efficient parts and products.  Our CNC machines are perfect for high production quality parts.  Our years of experience and meticulousness in quality and workmanship cannot be surpassed.  Excellent customer support along with essential value-added services makes us a perfect fit for any type and size job.


Feel free to contact us and be confident that you will receive the very best products and services with Micro Dynamics Machining.  We look forward to hearing from you. 


We appreciate any request for quotes, be it a one piece run or multiple high production runs.


Micro Dynamics Machining for those who know how much doing it right matters.

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